I have the white guitar Jacky used in two of their music videos and on stage xD

Really? That white Jackson Dinky guitar? I’m incredibly jealous!


I think this is the best video ever that shows how Ronnie Radke really isn’t the huge dick that everybody makes him out to be. He is right; he isn’t super-human and he can’t take all of your criticism all of the time. How would you feel if you got told that you’re an asshole and got rumors made up about you that were far from true? Yes, Ronnie did spit on a fan, but at least he didn’t jump off stage and beat the shit out of them. Even when FIR fans in the crowd were getting pissed and were trying to start a fight with the ISS fans, Ronnie told them to stop. Ronnie isn’t the huge monster that everybody makes him out to be. He even thanked the small amount of fans that were his for actually coming out. I really hate it when people say that Ronnie is a dick. Well guess fucking what? You can be a dick too if you’re going to a band’s shows just to bash on them. If you don’t like them, that’s fan-fucking-tastic. If you do, thank you. I’m sure it means a lot to the guys. But you don’t know the full story of why Ronnie kicked them off of the tour. He kicked ISS off of tour because it was supposed to be a drug-free tour. Ronnie is sober now and takes out all of his frustration on working out. He even says so in a Hot Topic interview. I don’t see why people would waste their time and money just to go out and tell a band that they suck. I’m sure they get that all of the time. If you do waste your time and money to do that, then you’re just fucking stupid and you really need to grow the hell up. Stop being a pussy and just fucking leave them alone. They never personally did anything to you. FIR never did anything to you. Ronnie had a completely valid reason for kicking ISS off of tour. It was supposed to be a drug-free tour and ISS were caught with drugs (Marijuana and cocaine) on their bus. There is no way they could deny it was theirs. It was completely dis-respectful ISS to bring drugs on a tour where one of the stars of the show had just come out of an extremely deep drug addiction and alcohol abuse. If you like ISS still, that’s fine. If you like FIR still, great. If you hate ISS, you and I are on the same boat. If you hate FIR, you’re a fucking idiot and I hate you. <3 /Rant


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